Flood Damage Restoration Services in Auckland

Flood Restoration & Water Damage Restoration Auckland

While New Zealand is a beautiful country, it can also be prone to some weather which can cause flooding and water damage. Natural disasters like floods, heavy rains, and cyclones are more common than you think. This often leaves your home or office flooded and with severe water damage. The effects of such floods can be damaging and costly if not managed quickly. If you want to restore your property to its pre-disaster state, then the ultimate solution is a flood restoration company that has the right knowledge, experience, and tools to do the job well. We have years of experience in working with residential properties as well as commercial properties in Auckland

Common Causes & Effects of Flood or Water Damage

Your carpet/ upholstery cleaning woes are ours now.

We understand the stress and anxiety that come along with water damage. Water damage can be a terrible thing to go through; whether it is a broken pipe, leaky roof, or flood. It not only wreaks havoc on your home and/or business but also the health of your family and/or employees.

Common causes of water damage include:

  • Broken or leaky pipes
  • Frozen pipes that burst
  • Washing machine hose failure, toilet overflow, etc.
  • Dishwasher leaks
  • Sewage backups or overflows
  • Overflowing sinks or bathtubs
  • Roof leaks or plumbing leaks (from storms and floods)

When you call Perfect Dry to fix your visibly dirty or heavily stained or water-damaged carpet/ upholstery, we clean it thoroughly to get it back to looking brand new. We also provide fiber protection treatment to protect your rug/ upholstery against UV rays and accidental spills. We will work with you and the insurance company from start to finish for flood restoration damage in Auckland.

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    Here’s our detailed carpet cleaning process:

    • We remove deep-seated dirt, food spills, pet urine stains and mould build-up due to water damage.
    • After cleaning and rinsing your rug thoroughly, we sanitise & remove bacteria & germs.
    • We groom it with care and apply a fabric protector to get it back to looking new and fresh again.

    Our upholstery stain removal process is slightly different from carpet cleaning. Here’s how:

    • First, we remove the superficial layer of dust, debris with a safe, eco-friendly cleaner.
    • Then, we customise a cleaning solution to tackle stubborn stains and body oils.
    • After that, we apply a protective coating to seal, protect and nourish your upholstery.

    Flood Restoration Services for Residential & Commercial Property

    Perfect Dry is your go-to carpet, upholstery, and rug cleaning specialist in Auckland. We offer a wide range of services including dry cleaning, flood restoration, and water damage restoration. Our team is specially trained to handle all kinds of projects, from heavily soiled carpets in commercial premises to delicate rugs in residential spaces.

    Why hire Perfect Dry to Restore/Repair Your Water Damaged Property

    When it comes to Auckland water damage restoration, you need a company that is prompt, professional, and reliable – which is why so many choose Perfect Dry. We are the flood damage restoration Auckland experts & water damage restoration experts Auckland, offering 24/7 emergency service with a same-day response. We have both the equipment and experience necessary to restore your home after a flood or water leak has occurred

    We are fully insured and certified, providing quality workmanship and excellent customer service with every job regardless of how big or small. Whether your property has been affected by flooding or you have an overflowing toilet, we will be there to fix the problem fast!


    Still Got Questions On Your Mind?

    Why do I need to get my carpet dried?

    Roof leaks, pipeline damage, and water damage are serious issues that should not be disregarded. Mould may enter the house through the tiniest of openings. Mould may be harmful to your health, and it’s especially dangerous if you have children at home.

    Excessive wetness in your flooring might cause the following problems:

    • Bacteria and mould may form under your flooring as a result.
    • The air quality in your house might be harmed.
    • Damaged or broken structural support and building foundations are possible.
    • It might lead to costly repairs.

    This is why you should hire a professional water damage restoration company to locate the leak and repair the damage.

    What steps do you take for flood restoration?

    The water damage restoration procedure begins with a thorough examination of the affected property. It entails a check for electrical hazards and a comprehensive examination of the ceilings, walls, and flooring.

    Step1: Inspection 

    Only a trained specialist can accurately assess the flood damage to your home. The purpose of the inspection is to figure out how much water damage there is. We can design a strategy to best recover the damage caused by floodwater by evaluating and categorising the degree of water damage.

    Step 2: Water Draining

    Using our strong vacuums and extraction pumps, we create water removal programs. The sort of equipment employed and the nature of the damage produced by water are related. The removal of water is our primary focus.

    Step 3: Dehumidifying the area

    After the harmful water has been removed and drained out of your property, the following step is dehumidification to dry off any remaining moisture. Because dampness can lead to the rapid spread of rot and mould, proper repair is essential. Depending on the nature and amount of the water damage, the water drying process might take several days to complete. It also entails the drying of damp carpet padding.

    Step4: Cleaning 

    Household objects are the most fragile and susceptible to water damage. We take great care to properly clean all of your things and home objects. This sanitization is required to avoid the emergence of germs and the formation of mould.

    Step 5: Restoration

    The restoration process is the final and most important phase in flood recovery. The drywall and insulation materials must be replaced as part of this operation. In cases of minor damage, the restoration process may just only be the installation of a few drywall panels. In more significant water damage situations, total wall replacement may be necessary. We take great care to ensure that poisonous and dangerous chemicals such as asbestos and lead are never exposed.

    How do you dry wet carpets?

    The removal of floodwater from damaged carpets is an important aspect of the repair process. We employ advanced technology to remove water from a damp carpet without causing more damage. The carpet is next cleaned to eliminate muck and any lingering odours while taking care to protect the colour and fabric of the carpet. To swiftly and efficiently decrease your expenses, we employ the most up-to-date structural drying methods and equipment. It may be able to restore the space to its pre-flood condition using a mix of air movers/carpet dryers and dehumidifiers. We use a computerised moisture metre to ensure that every square metre of carpet is dry.