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Curtain Cleaning Service in Auckland

Perfect Dry is your local upholstery and curtain specialist Auckland having years of experience, knowledge, and a high success rate with customers.

Curtain Cleaning is a daunting task for most of us. It is time-consuming and takes considerable effort to clean them well. Curtains protect you from the outside world, act as a barrier for dust, and help in maintaining privacy at home.

The curtains are the first thing people notice when they enter your space. However, every day our commercial and residential furniture becomes prey to body oils, atmospheric soils, dust, dirt, dust mites, that settle down inside the upholstery and cause indoor pollution. With little agitation, these dust particles become airborne and trigger allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Not to mention, the damage it does to your upholstery.

Since your upholstery and curtains are exposed to regular wear and tear, it’s crucial to get them professionally cleaned. Our team of cleaning professionals uses the best methods, equipment, and solutions to deep clean your upholstery and curtains. Give us a call now to discuss your requirements.

Professional Curtain Cleaners in Auckland

Curtain cleaning Auckland service offered at Perfect Dry is a definite choice for customers who are looking for professional cleaning of the curtains, drapes, blinds, and upholstery in Auckland.

Our professional curtain cleaners in Auckland use advanced methods and tools to clean various types of curtains, drapes, shades, window furnishings, window blinds, Roman blinds, etc. So, if you are looking for professional curtain cleaners in Auckland, you are in the right place. We specialise in professional curtain cleaning in Auckland that preserves the quality of your curtains while removing dust, dirt, and other pollutants.

Our experts are experienced in handling different curtain fabrics that require specific cleaning methods to avoid damage and ensure that your curtains look brand new with every wash. Moreover, we also provide free curtain mould treatment with every curtain cleaning service. Our team of professional curtain cleaners ensures that the quality and integrity of your curtains are maintained during the cleaning process.

If your curtains have stubborn mould or are damaged by water, our team of professional curtain steam cleaners in West Auckland, NZ, can get them cleaned, repaired, and treated at no additional cost.

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    Bring Back the Shine & Freshness of Your Curtains

    Our professional curtain cleaners have the expertise to clean your curtains and bring back the shine and freshness of your curtains.

    If you’ve noticed that your curtains don’t look as bright as they used to be, it might be because of dust build-up over the years which is quite normal. But not to worry – our curtain cleaners can clean those stains and grime away to bring back the shine and freshness of your curtains without damaging them or fading their colours. You can rest assured knowing that our experts will treat your curtains with care and respect while getting them cleaned.

    We are a locally-owned business based in Auckland. Our team will come to your home or office at a time that suits you best to clean your curtains so that you don’t have to move them.

    Auckland Based Curtain Cleaning Specialists & Washing Service

    We are an Auckland-based curtain cleaning specialist offering our curtain washing services all across Auckland. Our curtain washing service will remove all stains and dirt from your curtains. We also specialise in curtain mould treatment.

    Curtain Cleaning Auckland Services

    Our professional curtain cleaners provide a complete range of fantastic services in Auckland including:

    • Curtain cleaning in Auckland – We offer professional curtain steam cleaning services Auckland at competitive rates. Our curtain steam cleaner will provide you with top-quality service and a hassle-free experience.
    • Curtain spot treatment – Spot treatment can be used when there are certain areas in your curtains that require more attention than others. Our professional curtain cleaner will make your curtain spot-free.
    • Curtain mould removal- Is mould growing on your curtains. If reoccurring mould is destroying your curtains, our first inquiry is: what causes mould to grow on curtains? If the mould keeps reappearing after frequent curtain cleaning, it’s time to call Perfect Dry, Auckland’s top curtain cleaners!

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    Curtain Mould Treatment in Auckland

    Do your curtains have an unsightly black mould on the back? Curtain mould removal treatment is something we specialise in. Not only do we get rid of mould spots, but we also get rid of mould spores. For the following 6-12 months after the mould treatment, the curtains will be resistant to mould growth. This service is only available when curtains are being washed. If your home has high humidity and inadequate ventilation, the mould might come again in less than six months.

    Auckland City Carpet Cleaning provides one of the leading Curtain Cleaning services in Auckland. You can trust us with your curtains because we have years of experience in this domain and use quality products and techniques that not only clean your curtains but also remove any stains and bad odours from them.

    Why Choose Us To Clean Your Curtains?

    You love your curtains. So do we. And we’re here to help you keep them looking their best for years to come. We are a reputed curtain & blinds cleaning company in Auckland with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

    • Our experienced team of cleaners has been carefully trained to clean even delicate and hard-to-clean fabrics including cotton, velvet, and silk.
    • We have a team of professional curtain cleaners ready to help you with all your curtain cleaning, mould removal, and stain removal needs.
    • After perfect dry curtain cleaning, we will rehang your curtains so that you don’t have to. For a completely hassle-free experience.
    • Our professional service is perfect for all types of curtains, including linen, silk, cotton, and more. Our years of experience mean that we can remove stains without damaging the fabric or colour of your curtains.
    • We use eco-friendly products and steam cleaning methods to ensure the best results and no damage to your curtains, pets, and children.
    • We offer affordable pricing and fast turnaround times.


    Still Got Questions On Your Mind?

    What makes mould grow on Curtains?

    Direct condensation on your windows does not cause mould regrowth since it never comes into touch with them. While water aids in the formation of mould, reappearance is primarily due to the temperature and humidity found within the home.

    As the temperature in your home rises, the moisture in the air evaporates, and the moisture is absorbed by the materials. As a result, Moisture no longer exists in a gaseous state when the temperature drops, but it does exist in a liquid condition. This implies that when moisture is absorbed, bacteria are absorbed as well, resulting in the recurrence of mould, which can only be removed by a professional curtain mould treatment.

    Can you clean curtains without taking them down?

    Yes, we can clean the curtains while they are still hanging. We use a powerful deep steam cleaner that can loosen stains and debris from curtains without harming the fibers of your precious curtains.

    How often should curtains be cleaned?

    Curtains gradually accumulate dust and absorb smells and germs over time. Cleaning your curtains every 3 to 6 months is recommended. It’s a good idea to have your curtains cleaned regularly to keep your home looking fresh and tidy.

    How do you clean expensive curtains?

    High-pressure steam, chemical products, or powerful equipment for dry cleaning can harm your expensive sheer or silk curtains. We first inspect your curtain fabric and then we hand wash your expensive curtains in cold water to keep them away from wear, tear and discolouration.